Our company

Absoulutely Wholesale is an Australian Wholesale Food Distributor located on the beautiful Northern Rivers of NSW. The company is wholly Australian owned and run. Our primary focus is to bring an exceptional range of quality farm and food products to the Australian market.

Our roots are in farming and the movement of farm produce, which motivates us to work hard at fostering a fair and equitable relationship between farm and consumer. We source our extensive product range from farms and plants all over the world not just Australia.

Absoulutely Wholesale services every state in Australia and more recently, due to our outstanding reputation for quality and competative pricing, we are being sought in global markets.

Our team

Having our facility on the North Coast of NSW gives us the opportunity to support our local economy and the people that live and work around us. We take pride in being an Australian based company and creating economic opportunities and advantages not only for local farmers and suppliers, but also for our employees and related businesses in our community. We work closely with local, and national freight agencies to assure our customers of the greatest care in delivery of our range of goods.

We are proud to be HACCP certified and Organic certified. We employ local people who care about the quality of food available in our communities and value our Organic and HACCP certification. We ensure our facility goes above and beyond to ensure the products you purchase are of the highest quality. We undergo major audits every year to maintain our status as well as internal audits to keep us on our toes.

Our Occupational Health & Safety officers do an excellent job of creating policies and procedures to ensure all our staff are trained in safe food handling practices and maintain personal safety at all times.