For any of the purposes hereunder I/We agree to AbSoulutely Wholesale obtaining any of the following:

  1. Credit information from the trade referees supplied:
    • A report about my/our commercial activities or commercial credit worthiness, from a business which provides information about the credit worthiness of persons/ businesses.
    • A Credit Report from a Credit Reporting Agency containing personal information about me/us.
  2. AbSoulutely Wholesale reserves the right to review its credit facilities/creditors at any time.


I/We agree to pay for goods invoiced, prior to despatch. In the event that Trading Terms are granted, payment is to be made within 30 Days, from the date of the invoice, regardless, of when the goods are delivered.

  1. However, payment will become due immediately if:
    • I/We commit any act of bankruptcy
    • A Mortgage or Mortgages agent takes possession of my/our assets . A Receiver of any of my/our assets is appointed, or . A petition to bankrupt or to liquidate me is issued.
  2. An account is deemed overdue once it has extended past 30 days, (after the date of our invoice), for the goods or services, that were supplied.
  3. Until an overdue amount is paid I/We will be liable to pay interest on that amount, at the rate of 2% per month, or an Account Fee as deemed reasonable by AbSoulutely Wholesale.
  4. I/We must pay AbSoulutely Wholesale any costs (including debt collectors fees) AbSoulutely Wholesale incurs to recover (or in attempts to recover) any overdue amount.


Title/Ownership of the goods, shall not pass from the Seller to the Buyer, until payment is received in full.

  1. I/We acknowledge that until that time, I am/We are in possession of the goods, solely, as bailee for AbSoulutely Wholesale.
  2. My/Our right to possession of the goods shall cease if payment for the goods is due, under section 2 or 2.1 above, but not paid in full. In that event, AbSoulutely Wholesale may enter any premises where the goods are, or are thought to be, and repossess them.


I/We agree to notify AbSoulutely Wholesale of any change of ownership or new address.


Any discrepancy in regards to an invoice or statement, must be brought to the attention of Absoulutely Wholesale, before the due date of the invoice. If the discrepancy has not been brought to the attention of Absoulutely Wholesale, by the due date of the invoice, then the amount is to be paid in full by the due date, as per section 2.


RETURNS - Incorrectly Ordered Stocks/Returns.  Please choose carefully. We do not accept returns if you have incorrectly ordered.


RETURNS - Return of goods, that are, of poor quality, or unsound.

  1. All Claims must be made within 7 days of delivery. The following must be provided:
    • Photograph Batch number and Best before date
    • Photograph issue with product
  2. Stock MUST NOT be disposed of, unless authorized. Credits will not be issued for stock, disposed of without approval. Stock may be recalled for testing by our suppliers.


MISSING STOCK - All claims for missing stock must be made in writing within 24hrs of delivery.


ALL CHOCOLATE, CAROB and YOGHURT products that are sent on couriers are at buyer's risk.  All care taken but no responsibility is accepted.